About Brett Blue

Hey 👋 My name is Brett and I'm an Australian writer, living my life in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand, with my comically oversized husband, David. We met in Brisbane, Australia, in 1996 and have lived all over the world since then, but New Zealand is now our home.

I was born in Ballarat, Victoria, in 1969, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and telephones still had cords. I completed my education at Seaford-Carrum High School, Melbourne, in 1986 then proceeded to flail about aimlessly for a few decades. Now, I write... obviously ✍️

When I'm not banging away at a computer keyboard, I enjoy:

As a writer, I indulge in both epic fantasy and science fiction. Please check the description and category for each individual story before deciding to read that book 👍

NOTE: the only social media account I have is Twitter. I'd rather savage my nipples with a cheese grater than expose myself to the ugly trolls living under the toxic internet bridge of Facebook 🚫